Comfort, comfort all my people
with the comfort of my word.
Speak it tender to my people:
All your sins are taken away.

1. Though your tears be rivers running,
though your tears be an ocean full,
though you cry with the hurt of living,
comfort, comfort.
Every valley shall be lifted,
every mountain shall be low,
every rough place will be smoother:
comfort, comfort.

2. Though your eyes see only darkness,
though your eyes can see no light,
though your eyes see pain and sorrow:
comfort, comfort.
Every night will have its morning,
every pain will have an end,
every burden will be lightened:
comfort, comfort.

Extra verses written for 1988 Christmas Bowl Appeal

1. Though we build strong walls for prisons,
though we feast while others starve,
though we fill this world with weapons:
comfort, comfort.
Every prisoner will be rescued,
every hungry mouth be filled,
every gun will rust, forgotten:
comfort, comfort.

2. Though we fracture God's creation,
though we stand so far apart,
though we fail to love each other:
comfort, comfort.
Every wall will crack and crumble,
every stranger will be friend,
every one embrace another:
comfort, comfort.

1975. Three or four days after our twin sons were born, Dorothy was overwhelmed by it all and was crying when I came to visit her in the evening. (Dorothy never cries — well, only about once every ten years.

She says it's too much bother.) In typical, helpful, husbandly fashion, I went home and wrote a song for her. She wasn't all that impressed at the time and is still not keen on the song. But I like it, and from many comments made to me, it's clearly been a song that has helped many people when they've been going through difficult times, times of conflict, struggle or depression.

Doctor of Divinity awarded to
Robin Mann

Last night, December 6, at the University of Divinity's Adelaide Graduation night at the Glynde Lutheran Church, I was awarded the University's highest academic award.
The citation opened by praising my "
sustained and distinguished contribution to theological scholarship over the last fifty years through original musical composition that advances the celebration of Christian, communal life and identity." 
While feeling a little overwhelmed by the grandeur of the event & the impressive outfit provided for me to wear, I was very pleased to receive the award, as it recognises the importance of the music of Christian communities. The award is not just for me but for the many writers & musicians who have contributed so much over many years.