1. From the air and from the light,
from the water and the ground,
God, you gave this world its shape,
made it smell and feel and sound:
from the crisp of early dawn,
colder than our skin can bear,
to the heat of rock and sand
boiling in the summer glare.

2. And you made this little child —
God, your act of love is good —
though the process may be known,
still its hardly understood.
This new life is one more sign
of your kindness to us all,
born of closeness, two made one;
like the rain these wonders fall.

3. From the air and from the light
waters break, a cry is heard;
still another wonder comes
from the water and the word:
son or daughter of the earth,
rushing blood beneath the skin,
drowned by God's own flood of tears,
raised with Jesus, free and clean.

4. Resurrected, born again,
rescued from the power of death;
child of air and child of light,
now you breathe the Spirit's breath.
You can live for timeless days —
you are not the Devil's toy -
bought by Jesus, owned by God,
you are heaven's pride and joy!

1992. Airdre Luka is Dale and Heather Hancock's "miracle baby", born after many years of a marriage without children. I had wanted to write a song for her baptism, hadn't done it at the time (lack of time? unready?), but finally wrote this song for the baptism of another child - Jordan Yeomans. Airdre = of/from the air, Luka = of/from the light. Where "Father Welcomes" celebrates the coming home, family images, this focuses on creation, and especially the new creation (2 Cor.5:17). From a St Stephen's Youth Camp (Tania Newhouse?): v.1 CREATION from materials / elements — air, light, water, ground v.2 CREATION of child — from God's love and human love v.3 CREATION / Birth X2 — 1) natural 2) baptism v.4 NEW CREATION i.Death > life ii.natural > Spirit iii. Time > eternal iiii. Devil > God I started work on it one early morning in January when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I've done this quite often, and I believe it's God who wakes me up on these occasions, with some particular task in mind. (To the person who believes in God, this kind of explanation of such occurrences seems perfectly natural. Others may think the person is slightly bonkers. I'm often a bit reluctant to talk about such "leading" by the Holy Spirit - I like being seen as sane and reasonable, and anyway, it is often practised as a kind of spiritual one-upmanship, e.g. "This is how God led me - I must be more important than you!" Still, there are many people I meet at "the right time", books or movies I'm led to read or see, music I'm led to hear. Spooky? Of course, but the world belongs to God, and God's Spirit is always coming up with new tricks.)

ALWS 29/5/24

In May 2023 we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.

Last year we visited churches in SA, Vic, Qld and WA with Jonathan & Julie Krause promoting the cause of ALWS.

Coming up soon:

* Nuriootpa (St Petri) Saturday June 22, 4 pm

To be confirmed:
Bordertown July 28,
Everton Park (Qld) August 17,
Canberra August 24 

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events