Making songs for Sinner-Saints

Address Robin gave, assisted by Dorothy,  at the University of Divinity graduation  ceremony 6.12.19.

Some spoken points, illustrated by song segments.

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Then I will praise you

‘Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled?
I will put my hope in God, and once again I will praise him,
my saviour and my God’.
                        (Ps 42:11, Ps 43:5 Good News Bible)

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Included — you and me and everybody!
comprehensively embraced by
the love of the unrestrictive God of all

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Walk my way

A song for over 200 people walking 26 kms from Hahndorf to Beaumont to raise money for refugees to get education.

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How Shall we Sing the Lords Song?

In 2016 in Australia too many believe this is an easy question to answer, however many of the easy answers are wrong. Or at least, wide of the mark, and only partial at best.

Let’s expand the question a bit and try and answer this eternal question, ‘How Shall We Sing the Lord’s Song?’

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World MS Day is May 25th!

Multiple Sclerosis = lots of scarring. So, on this day especially, spare an extra thought & a helping hand for people with MS.

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Table Talk: Love is the Law

What do you mean? Love isn’t a law, surely! Love is a feeling, an emotion that guides your thoughts & your actions, isn’t it? At least that’s how we usually talk about it.

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Music For the Soul

The following are exerpts from a recent blog article from Journey Online, a wonderful online publication for the Uniting Church of Australia. Dianne Jensen interviewed Robin Mann and wrote a beautiful peice discussing his career that spans over 40 years. The blog was featured under Features > Music for the soul. 

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Curly Conversation

Read Robin's latest blog share: Many songs share thoughts & emotions that are hard to share any other way. It isn’t surprising that more than one person has said that to sing is to pray doubly (Martin Luther among others).

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O Dearest Jesus

‘O dearest Jesus, what law hast thou broken’ was the first line of one of my favourite hymns from my childhood. Well, I guess it was, because more than most traditional hymns, it’s stayed with me.

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Ordinary Miracles

Thank you, Jesus, for ordinary miracles,
thanks for seasons and birds in a line.

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If I touch your clothes

'Jesus, you can heal me, touch me now.
I don't understand but you know how'

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Songwriting Thoughts

Norm Habel writes words to an existing, well-known tune. When I write tunes to his lyrics I usually don’t know what tune he’s used. 

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Love songs for God?

Not just a one-time declaration but an everyday habit. How do I show my love for Dorothy?

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Making Songs For Saints

What songs I make & why I make those songs. I hope I’m a helpful servant, that the songs I write nurture people, teach the faith, inspire, provide food for thought, help people to focus on what’s important in the faith. I hope that, above all, they help people to know Jesus better, and to trust him with their whole life.

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Songs - tell me the story

At the the 2013 LWA (Lutheran Women of Australia) Convention we spoke & sang of a life of songs 

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The Unexpected God

How shall we sing the Lord's Song in a new century? (2001 Conference)

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A New Year, A New Collection

The music book is at the printer (MediaCom), the completed CDs only need covers, but All Together All Right is not quite ready to launch. I’d hoped it would be out in February, but now it may be in March, but probably in April.

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A phone conversation brought this subject up – maybe I’ll be doing a presentation at a retreat / conference.

A theme that runs through the Scriptures. Not surprising that quite a few songs carry it. I was pleased to get the ‘Servant of Christ’ award (is that an oxymoron?) back in 2001. I was able on that occasion to give credit to Dorothy, the ‘gift of God’ & a servant of so many, especially me.

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