1. Jacob struggled for a blessing
in the darkness all night long,
holding tightly to a stranger -
could he hear a distant song?
God of every person's future,
you gave him a change of name'
give to us a new direction
out of struggle, out of pain.

Jesus, you are the name of God,
Jesus, you are the face of God,
Jesus, you are the help of God,
keep us through our night

2. Jesus struggled in the garden
in the night of blood and tears.
He was lonely in the darkness,
though there was an angel near.
God of hope and transformation,
it took tears and pain and death
to destroy the power of evil,
to give us the Spirit's breath.

3. When we struggle in the darkness,
take away our fear and doubt.
In the dirt beneath the surface
quiet seeds begin to sprout.
God of great surprise and mystery,
make us constant in our prayer.
As we ask and search for answers,
may we come to know your care.

Robin Mann © 1995

50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

Father Welcomes

Walkin down the road

The Southern Cross

For you deep stillness

A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

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Concordia College Chapel



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