Price: $10.00 (ebook)

The front cover of Robin & Dorothy Mann sharing a loving glance might suggest that their new CD is head-in-the-clouds romance. And songs that Robin wrote for Dorothy like ‘I didn’t travel far to find you’ and ‘You still love me’ sure support that idea.

‘The headlines keep on changing as stories come and go,
but the headline in my story stays the same – You still love me …’

But the back cover — their clothes hanging on the line — point to a more practical, day-by-day reality. And songs that Robin’s written for marrying couples show it even more: ‘Be real, be true’ (‘Everyday living needs everyday love’), ‘Make love your aim’ (‘go for humble fame’).

Words & music, singers & songs — they tell us this collection is about a definite and deep view of intimacy. Uncomplicated arrangements of strong tunes. Fresh sounds from a couple who’ve been together since schooldays. Supported by a cast of superb musicians: Tom Belcher’s keyboards feature throughout, while Phil Thiel’s violin keeps delighting — so good in ‘Deep Peace’ and ‘Step into the boat’.

The CD mixes the old and new. A terrific new version of ‘May the feet of God’ sits well beside a wedding song like ‘Hardly a secret’. And while these pieces are just good listening, anyone getting married will find songs here they can use for their special day.

Meanwhile, the inspired music and words will warm hearts, enrich spirits, and deepen the understanding of love, marriage and intimacy.