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Love songs for God?


(talking to myself, but maybe also talking to others to say that the tradition, the style we inhabit is OK. As good as any other)

How do I show my love for Dorothy?

We met at 7, became an item at 16, and we’re still happily together over 40 years later. Every day we express our love in various ways. I complement her on what terrific legs she’s got, that her hair looks good, it’s a nice outfit she’s wearing.
We always have a hug (her on a step, to match heights!) before she goes to teach. We say good night & remind each other ‘don’t forget’.

These are important, but actions are even more important than words: to be reliable, to put out the garbage, make the tea, water the plants, and 101 household jobs that need to be done.

I think love songs for God, are pretty much like that: we need to say sweet nothings, to admire the person, praise the qualities. But, like the OT songs, the Psalms, we need to say what God’s done. (We also need to complain, be honest, let it all hang out with God — but that’s another story).

I think I’ve tried to do that with the songs. (though maybe I’ve been a little indirect at times — but that’s my culture, my country, my family.).

v  PENTECOST PRAYER Although the chorus stays with people Make me warm, when I am cold, make me young when I am old, verse 1 has already credited God with getting the show going: It was God who spoke the word, and it was done

v  THE WAY IS LOW We are companions of the One whose name is Love?

v  THERE’LL BE PEACE  When he comes, everything will harmonise again, hatred will be gone, we will be friends. God acts, and things are put right . The first half of the song says how peace will invade everything: man, woman, waters, land, sky, earth, rocks, hills & then goes into prayer, pleading for it to happen, for it to be made a reality!

v  EVERYTHING WE GOT You Give Us: thanking God for giving us life, water, land, order, lightning, thunder, each cell in every creature, food, drink, shelter, healing … teach us to care for it, teach us to share.

v  BREAD OF ANGELS extols, adores what God is: like the sun, heart of laughter, beauty, perfect joy. (Sidetracks into the people of Israel complaining, demanding; we’re hungry, but you can give us what we need). V.3 is a wonder-struck verse: how can a mystery be defined? V.4 is friendlier, but still leads to praise & sing. V.5  says that God’s nature is compassion & that no gift was ever greater AND finally reaches the climax in the last 2 lines your blood & body feed us all, you are the Bread of Angels. Like The Song of Songs, it builds picture after picture, to say how lovely God is.

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