can't hear your voice until you open up my ears. I can't recognise your face until you
open my eyes, and I can see you;
break the bread, your body will make me strong.

1. Adam's sin keeps me locked up in these chains, and I try in vain to find the key.
You break through these prison walls,
you break through these prison walls for me.

2. No-one knows where the Holy Spirit goes, but we see the trail he leaves behind:
eyes that now are opened up,
eyes that now are opened up were blind.

3. Jesus' friends thought they really knew him then, but they still depended on a sign.
Maybe I will understand,
Maybe I will understand next time.1983. Another song written for the student service at St. Stephen's, when the theme was based on Luke 24:31 "Their eyes were opened and they recognised him". This story of the encounter on the road to Emmaus is another shining illustration of the core of the Christian faith: it's God who acts before we even think about it, God who opens blind eyes, God who loves those who are still sinners.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

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A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

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Concordia College Chapel



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