They were hungry, so he fed them. They were blind, he gave them sight. Some were walking in the darkness, they were lost, he gave them light. When they cried he felt their pain, even lame could walk again
when his heart went out, his heart went out.
When we’re hungry, he can feed us. give us sight when we are blind.
If we’re walking in the darkness
if we wander, he can find.
Can we follow where he leads us? Can we learn to be his light – shining hope in any darkness,
be a candle in the night?
Every need can be fulfilled,
every troubled mind be stilled
when the heart goes out, when the heart goes out,
when the heart goes out,
the heart goes out, the heart goes out, the heart goes out.

Words & music: Robin Mann © 2012

ALWS 5/10/23

To say I've been inactive on my website is a serious understatement! I've written nothing here since early 2021. 

So, does this mean the world has stopped for us, that nothing is happening?
A major event for us in 2022 was moving house in October. We had been in Modbury Heights since July 1993.Now we're back in Klemzig.

In May we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.
Since then we have visited Box Hill & Loxton with Jonathan & Julie Krause as part of the Asante presentations, promoting the cause of ALWS. Still to come this year are Asante events in Toowoomba & Rochedale (Nov 26 & 27) and Perth (Dec 10)

Looking forward to seeing many people on these occasions.