I didn't travel far to find you,
I didn't cross a frozen waste,
there were no dangers that I had to face.
I had no need to be a hero,
no kind of rescue was required,
there was no earthquake, famine, flood or fire.

So if you dreamt of shining armour, I'm sorry but it wasn't me;
a handsome knight I will not ever be. We didn't write an epic romance,

a tale of love that must be told -
the movie rights will not be bought or sold.

I don't recall the day I met you,
I can't remember what you wore,
maybe I learnt your name and nothing more. There was no flash of recognition
that you would be my one true love,
I heard no angels in the sky above.

But you're the one I love,
and what we share is real,
maybe as deep as any star-crossed lovers, you and me, you and me.

Dorothy and I started "going together" on April 15th, 1966. We had been friends for a couple of years, had known each other since we were 7, but that day marked an enormous change in our relationship. So, I wanted to write a song for our 30th anniversary. It was completed a few days after the event. I had started with the image of the queen bee(?) whose wings are broken, meaning she can never leave the nest. But I'm good at digressions, and I finished up with a tribute to the ordinary, a paean of praise for non-romance and anti- heroism


2021 - Where do we go from here?

Breezin' along in my Japanese coupe, breezin' along with the windows down. The dog keeps sniffing the air - he's got an empty head but he's alright. We've got time to spare, time to get where, we don't know, and who cares?

And the days go fast and the nights go faster
Lord, where do we go from here?
Lord, where do you want me to be? (© Robin Mann 1972)

Some questions keep on coming, and this is one of them.
The pandemic has put a hold on so much, and while Australia is in a better position than many, uncertainty remains.

Two weeks ago I  finished a song 'In the year that's coming'. It ends with:

May your love shine through us,
every day renew us,
keep on coming to us, 
stay with us
in the coming year.