1. Who am I?
I'm so calm, they say; confident and cheerful,
sure in every way.
Ah, but am I really so secure? Whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

2. Who am I?
I'm different than they say —
got a restless heart that's aching, so wearily I pray;
I'm like a bird that's caged behind closed doors.
Whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

3. Who am I?
Am I one or two?
Full of strength, or weakness?
Am I false or true?
Though I never understand my flaws whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

Based on what I think is a remarkable poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It's included in the collection Letters and Papers from Prison. That such an outstanding man - pastor, theologian, writer, leader - should feel the same self doubt as the rest of us is a comfort for all ordinary struggling Christians who are uncertain about their identity. That God knows us as we are is an even greater comfort.


ALWS 29/5/24

In May 2023 we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.

Last year we visited churches in SA, Vic, Qld and WA with Jonathan & Julie Krause promoting the cause of ALWS.

Coming up soon:

* Nuriootpa (St Petri) Saturday June 22, 4 pm

To be confirmed:
Bordertown July 28,
Everton Park (Qld) August 17,
Canberra August 24 

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events