1. Who am I?
I'm so calm, they say; confident and cheerful,
sure in every way.
Ah, but am I really so secure? Whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

2. Who am I?
I'm different than they say —
got a restless heart that's aching, so wearily I pray;
I'm like a bird that's caged behind closed doors.
Whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

3. Who am I?
Am I one or two?
Full of strength, or weakness?
Am I false or true?
Though I never understand my flaws whoever I am, dear God,
you know I'm yours.

Based on what I think is a remarkable poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It's included in the collection Letters and Papers from Prison. That such an outstanding man - pastor, theologian, writer, leader - should feel the same self doubt as the rest of us is a comfort for all ordinary struggling Christians who are uncertain about their identity. That God knows us as we are is an even greater comfort.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

Father Welcomes

Walkin down the road

The Southern Cross

For you deep stillness

A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

 Saturday 24 August 7 pm

Concordia College Chapel



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