1. As we step from the edge of morning, feet can't tell where to take us. Here's a light that will shine forever, here's the light that will guide us.
Jesus, please watch over us; Jesus, please take care of us.

2. Trouble comes and we search for safety, we forget that you hold us.
Fill our minds so that we remember, say once more that you love us.

3. Danger meets us at every moment, death is never in hiding.
You are stronger than any danger, you are stronger than dying.

4. In your life is the Father's welcome, in your death there is freedom.
Be our life and our death forever, be our new resurrection.

1979. One of my favourites. (I think it was after she had led the singing of this song at the end of a service at the University of Adelaide that John Sabel said of Dorothy, 'You look like an angel, you sound like an angel — but I know you!') Basic trust in God's protective care is at the heart of the faith. It's a trust that, despite all the wrong in the world, God is good and cares for all of creation, including us. This song took quite a lot of work before it came right. The 'solution' came through doodling on the guitar after I had open-tuned it — in D. This gives a special feel and sound, and opens up different harmonies than you get with conventional guitar tunings.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

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A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

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