1. When this earth was created
it was God who spoke the word
and it was done;
gave his warmth to the cold earth — all was new and all was young,
time had begun.
Make me warm when I am cold, make me young when I am old; move me, touch me inside,
let your love burn in me now.

2. If I'm rough, make me gentle; if my words are hard and sharp, soften this heart.
If I'm weak, make me stronger, let me look to you for strength to make a new start.

3. If I'm deaf, break the silence; if I'm blinded by the dark, give me your light.
If I'm lame and I stumble,
let me take your hand again and hold it so tight.

4. If you speak, let me hear you; help me recognise your voice everywhere.
If you pass, let me see you; help me know the face is yours, help me to care.

1976. Some songs are written quickly — this wasn't one of them. I understand the Holy Spirit's work as being mainly recreative: producing faith in people, and the fruits of faith which can largely be summed up under the heading of LOVE. Exotic and unusual things like speaking in tongues and miraculous healings are a fair way down the list.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

Father Welcomes

Walkin down the road

The Southern Cross

For you deep stillness

A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

 Saturday 24 August 7 pm

Concordia College Chapel



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