We share the days and nights together, the mornings and the afternoons,
the kitchen and the news and weather, the birthdays and a hundred tunes.

Oh, but it’s not easy to express the way I feel. No, it isn’t easy just to show my love is real.

I like your style of conversation,
the way you walk and what you wear. I like your special sense of humour and jokes that only we can share.

Oh, how I love your eyes; they speak more than words of the song that is you inside.

So much of you is in my breathing. You’re written into every scene.
I love you more than songs and singing, I want to stay inside your dreams.

© 1978 Robin Mann


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

Father Welcomes

Walkin down the road

The Southern Cross

For you deep stillness

A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

 Saturday 24 August 7 pm

Concordia College Chapel



All proceeds support the schooling of refugee children via LCA ALWS GRACE project


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