1. In South Australia I was born, from the dust I was formed, like so many long before,
I have found a home.

2. Skin of black and skin of white, can what’s wrong be put right? Skin of yellow, skin of brown, can we make a home?
We have lived through fire and flood in the towns, in the scrub;
years of plenty, years of drought, still this is our home.
Can you teach us how to live together, how to cherish every patch of ground? Jesus, stay with us forever —
help us hear your unchanging sound.

3. Can we see the beauty still — Murray Plains, Adelaide Hills, southern beaches, northern skies — do we like our home?
Given to us for our good, can we share as we should, giving everyone a place where they feel at home?
Repeat Bridge & V.1

© Robin Mann 1985. Starting from the melody & words of an old folksong I was able to make a song about the place we live in, and love. And a prayer to do better at living here, looking after both the people and the place.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

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