1 See the old man shuffle in, see the old man shuffle in,
see the old man shuffle in to the hospital today.

2 Oh his legs don't work so well, no his legs don't work so well, Oh his legs don't work so well, they're in retirement now.
BRIDGE: But his love is strong,
it's as strong as yours and mine,
and maybe some more, and maybe some more, I think so.

3 O he's come to see her smile, and he's come to make her smile, o he's come to see Elsie smile before she smiles no more.

Robin Mann © 1981. In the last year of her life, Mum got very sick and had to go to hospital. She’d had twelve children, worked hard all her life, and various parts of her body said they’d had enough. She was treated in the Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Adelaide, and various members of the family transported Dad back and forth from Murray Bridge to see her. Dad’s legs had just about had it, and his slow walk combined with the tenderness between Mum & Dad led to this song. They exchanged sweet nothings in German (the first language of these 4th & 5th generation Australians). I never sang the song to either of them. Mum died in October of that year, Dad the following April.


2019 - a big year 

July 26 1949 Robin Mann was born, 9th child of Arthur & Elsie Mann

November 5 1949 Dorothy Stiller was born, 4th child of Hugo & Valmai Stiller

December 20 1969 Robin & Dorothy were married at Christ Church Lutheran, Murray Bridge

So, in 2019 we have some special anniversaries to celebrate. Apart from a trip in Turkey in May, we're still working on other ideas. A night of music seems to be a likely starter.