1. Your love surrounds me like a tent around me on a dark and stormy night.
Though fear is creeping as the darkness deepens, I will stay beside this light.
I will live with you forever,
I will live inside your shelter. I will live with you forever
in the house of God.

2. When death was coming I was helpless, running, but I had no place to hide.
O, Jesus heard me cryin, Jesus saw me dyin,
he came to my side.

3. You left your father, O my baby brother,
for the manger and the cross.
Your death is life for me, you killed my enemy, O death has finally lost.

4. The broken people and the poor and feeble find a place of shelter here.
There's room for more to come
and join the Father's Son,
his love will take your fear.

1978. "I Married You" by Walter Trobisch gave rise to this song. He describes marriage in terms of the tent image, and relates it to Psalm 27:4-5. This song has been used for a wedding or two, but a lot of church musicians, especially organists have trouble handling the rhythm and syncopation. It's a guitar based, or percussion based song. And although it was published in the Key of D, we've always done it in Eb. D is a bit low for it.


Thanks ...

Last Monday, November 19, I got back home after a 4 week trip, mostly in Queensland.Only possible because of
Ray Shillabeer.
He's been my driver for the past 7½ years, for trips to Victoria, ACT, NSW and Queensland. He likes to label himself as 'Ray the Roadie', but he's a lot more than that. For the churches & schools I've sung at, we both set up the sound gear - the amps, guitars et al. He then retires to a back seat, while I sing & play. Afterwards, at schools, we take the gear down together. But at churches, he looks after the gear, while I talk with people & sell CDs & books. We get to stay with people most places , & we both love meeting people, enjoying their terrific hospitality.
This trip was his swan-song. I know he's enjoyed the driving & meeting people, but I still don't know how to say thank you. In his modest, self deprecating way, he'd reject the label of 'Servant of Christ', but he's been that for me, & together we've been able to serve people in many places.