1. Sometimes when it's late at night,
I don't want to go to bed;
I like to spend the time with you instead. 'Cause when its curtains have been drawn, the city goes to sleep,
and midnight words are easier to speak.
You mean more to me than laughter, more than pleasure, more than wealth; you mean more to me than friendship, more than happiness and health. Though these things are dear to me, much more than I can tell,
you mean more to me than living itself.

2. I see you in the smiles we share
when friends come round for tea,
in birthday cards, in lovers on the street. I hear your voice when times are bad, and dreams have fallen through.
I need some help, and so I turn to you.

3. You could say I've had a lucky life, though I would call it blessed.
I often wonder why I've had the best.
I pray that if my day grows dark,
and sorrow comes my way,
I'll still have faith enough for me to say:

Your constant love is better than life itself and so I will praise you.
Psalm 63:3

1976. Late nights have often seen the beginnings - and the finishings - of songs.


50 Years of songs

Robin Mann
with Dorothy, Kindekrist
& a band of angels

Father Welcomes

Walkin down the road

The Southern Cross

For you deep stillness

A Christmas Blessing

& lots more

 Saturday 24 August 7 pm

Concordia College Chapel



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