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All Together For Good


A collection of 80 community songs. Published by Curly Music. Originally Robin Mann was to compile this collection for Openbook Publishers. Unfortunately, their publishing life came to an end. With the help of many people, especially Darren Schache & Isabel Mason it came out in March 2007. Andy Voigt recorded the songs & Ian Voigt did the artwork for the songbook, word book, CD set & data disk.

Robin Mann songs
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All things new Lyrics  
Another day Lyrics  
New beginning Lyrics  
God's excellent adventure Lyrics  
How the world was won Lyrics  
They went to the garden Lyrics  
Fill our hearts Lyrics  
May we hear the angels sing Lyrics  
See yourself Lyrics MP3
Crying tree Lyrics MP3
How Long Lyrics  
Jesus, give us peace Lyrics  
Lamb of God    
On that final night Lyrics  
Rain Prayer Lyrics  



  1. Advent news
  2. I’m the only one like me
  3. All things new
  4. Another day
  5. Emmanuel Carol
  6. All are welcome
  7. Lord, have mercy
  8. Make a joyful noise
  9. May the words
  10. New beginning
  11. Star Child
  12. New Day
  13. New life in the Son
  14. Ready, set go
  15. Sing of the Lord’s Goodness
  16. Travellers on the journey


  1. God is our shelter & strength
  2. All that is hidden
  3. Gifts of grace
  4. God’s excellent adventure
  5. Healing is flowing
  6. How the world was won
  7. Jesus asks …
  8. I am the way
  9. I always will love you
  10. Never by might
  11. If you were a king
  1. Jonah’s lament
  2. They went to the garden
  3. Tell me the story of Christmas
  4. We belong to God
  5. What is this scene
  6. Word of the Father
  7. All the world
  8. Christ is risen from the dead
  9. Easter Alleluia
  10. Glory & gratitude & praise
  11. Fill our hearts
  12. Filled my life with grace
  13. Happiness
  14. In the distance
  15. May we hear the angels sing
  16. Jesus is the light
  17. Jesus, my Lord & my friend
  18. Jesus, you’re the one
  19. See yourself
  20. Singing Hallelujah
  21. We praise God
  22. You are holy


  1. Holy holy
  2. Can we break bread together?
  3. Community
  4. Crying tree
  5. How long
  1. Empty, broken, here I stand
  2. How long, O Lord
  3. Jesus Christ, lamb of God
  4. How then shall I live
  5. Kyrie Eleison
  6. Jesus, give us peace
  7. Lamb of God
  8. On that final night
  9. Shape of a cross
  10. Rain prayer
  11. You are our Father
  12. Lord, listen to your children


  1. Bless us Lord
  2. O Jesus, every moment
  3. Do justice
  4. Go and tell
  5. Grant us peace
  6. Let’s do justly
  7. Like a candle
  8. May you go well
  9. Peace on earth
  10. Send out your light
  11. We will love
  12. Touch the earth lightly
  13. With eyes wide open
  14. When you walk from here


ALWS 5/10/23

To say I've been inactive on my website is a serious understatement! I've written nothing here since early 2021. 

So, does this mean the world has stopped for us, that nothing is happening?
A major event for us in 2022 was moving house in October. We had been in Modbury Heights since July 1993.Now we're back in Klemzig.

In May we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.
Since then we have visited Box Hill & Loxton with Jonathan & Julie Krause as part of the Asante presentations, promoting the cause of ALWS. Still to come this year are Asante events in Toowoomba & Rochedale (Nov 26 & 27) and Perth (Dec 10)

Looking forward to seeing many people on these occasions.