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All Together Now

A collection of 104 community songs. Published by Openbook Publishers (then Lutheran Publishing House) for the Board for Congregational Life of the Lutheran Church of Australia. The songbook committee: Geoff Strelan, Neil Reichelt, Sharon Schlenker, Craig Schlenker and Robin Mann.


Robin Mann Songs All Lyrics  
Father Welcomes


O Father my Father    
In the house of God    
Lord have mercy    
Lord of the morning    
Come Lord Jesus Come    
Comfort comfort    
One by one you call us hsome    
My word    
How shall I call you    
Daddy I love you    
Let your word fill my days    
Face to face    
Feed us now    
O lamb of God    
Walkin down the road    
Father bless us    
Of your goodness    
Pentecost prayer    
Christ be with me    
Jesus please watch over us    
Goodbye my friends    




1  Lord of our days
2  This is the day
3  Good morning: peace
4  Father welcomes
5  It's your birthday
6  O Father, my Father
7  This is the day of the Lord
8  Praise and thanksgiving
9  Be still and know that I am God
10 In the house of God
11 Lord have mercy
12 We are family
13 Lord of the morning
14 Sing a song
15 Love has come again
16 The Lord is present in his sanctuary
17 Emmanuel: God is with us
18 From the rising of the sun
19 Praise the Lord, bringing
20 Come, Lord Jesus, come
21 God is on our side
22 He was wounded
23 The blind man
24 God's love
25 Comfort comfort
26 He is Lord
27 Lord of the dance
28 I'm happy
29 Wait on me
30 There's a friend for little children
31 Freely freely
32 Thou wilt rest him
33 For unto us a child is born

34 Seek ye first
35 The victory dance
36 Vine and fig tree
37 Unto us a child is born
38 One by one you call us home
39 My word
40 Holy, holy
41 Father, we adore you
42 Now unto the King eternal
43 How shall I call you?
44 Psalm 100

45 I just love you with the love of the Lord
46 Come on and clap your hands
47 O how I love Jesus
48 Jesus, Jesus
49 The greatest thing
50 I will sing
51 Sing alleluia to the Lord
52 Alleluia
53 Daddy, I love you
54 God is so good
55 His name is wonderful
56 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
57 Father God
58 Praise the name of Jesus
59 Jesus
60 How great is our God
61 Hallelujah, my Father
62 One family
63 Holy, holy, holy Lord (Ylvisaker)
64 Nothing can separate us
65 A new commandment
66 The butterfly song
67 Let your Word fill my days
68 This is my commandment
69 Fill my house
70 Peace like a river
71 Face to face
72 God loves you
73 Where two or three are gathered
74 The Lord's prayer
75 Jesus, lamb of God
76 His banner over me
77 God and man at table are sat down
78 Holy, holy, holy Lord (Schmidt/Schubert)
79 Feed us now
80 Love is
81 Make my life to be
82 O Lamb of God
83 Pass it on
84 I want Jesus to walk with me
85 Give me oil in my lamp
86 A blessing
87 Walkin down the road
88 God standing by your side
89 Farewell song
90 Father, bless us
91 They'll know we are Christians
92 Of your goodness
93 Pass my love around
94 The benediction
95 The prayer of St Francis
96 Don't give up
97 Get all excited, go tell everybody
98 Jesus understands me
99 Pentecost prayer
100 St Patrick's prayer
101 Jesus, please watch over us
102 Goodbye, my friends
103 Send your servant
104 Now, Lord, you let your servant go


ALWS 5/10/23

To say I've been inactive on my website is a serious understatement! I've written nothing here since early 2021. 

So, does this mean the world has stopped for us, that nothing is happening?
A major event for us in 2022 was moving house in October. We had been in Modbury Heights since July 1993.Now we're back in Klemzig.

In May we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.
Since then we have visited Box Hill & Loxton with Jonathan & Julie Krause as part of the Asante presentations, promoting the cause of ALWS. Still to come this year are Asante events in Toowoomba & Rochedale (Nov 26 & 27) and Perth (Dec 10)

Looking forward to seeing many people on these occasions.