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All Together Whatever

A collection of community songs. Published by Openbook Publishers for the Board for Congregational Life of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

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417          Water and the Spirit

418          We come by ones

419          Come all you people

420          Get ready

421          Born Forever

422          Canticle of Daniel

423          Examine my heart

424          O God you search me     

425          God moving

426          Great in power

427          God's time
428          Morning Sunshine
429          Praise the Lord, O my soul
430          A Voice is heard
431          Glory to God
432          M-M-M-Miracle     

433          You were in this place        

434         Sing out with joy
435          Wellsprings
436          Amen, amen, it shall be so

437          I have seen the Lord

438          It's gonna be alright

439          Forgiven

440          Heaven's like a treasure

441          Jesus was sent

442          Alleluia! Where shall we go

443          Like an angel

444          Hey King

445          Roll the rock

446          Mercy

447          Ordinary miracles

448          Loving Spirit

449          Walk him along

450          When Jesus Christ worked here on earth

451          Saviour of the world

452          Why do you look among the dead?

453          The world is waiting

454          Your God will come

455          All this I believe

456          Everything we got

457          Alleluia (Duncan)

458          God is our strength and refuge

459          God Version 1.0

460          Alleluia (Sth Africa)

461          God, you take our breath away

462          Hand in hand

463          Goodness is stronger than evil 

464          Here you are, Lord

465          How deep is the love

466          I am aware

467          I believe, I believe, I believe

468          Sing a new song

469          Wind is moving

470          I'm so secure

471          You can tell the Lord

472          As we take this bread

473          Bread for the world

474          Bread of angels, The

475          Come to the banquet

476          Here is bread

477          Cry out for love

478          This is the body of Christ

479          For living for dying

480          On the day I called

481          Free to Dance

482          His love within the world

483          Is the Lord with us or not?

484          Hold the light for me

485          Praying

486          Let's praise the Lord

487          Make your home in me

488          Open our eyes       

489          Turn our sadness

490          When human voices cannot sing

491          You call me to love

492          Bridegroom

493          Follow the Saviour

494          For you, deep stillness

495          Come and follow me

496          Don't be afraid    
497          I cannot run
498          We will take what you offer
499          It was me
500          Our lives for you
501          Over my head        

502          Patiently waiting for you

503          Show me heaven

504          The silent moon has risen

505          Whatever you do

506          O let’s get up to love and serve

507          Where you tread

508          Wherever I go        

509          You hear the lambs a-cryin  





ALWS 29/5/24

In May 2023 we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.

Last year we visited churches in SA, Vic, Qld and WA with Jonathan & Julie Krause promoting the cause of ALWS.

Coming up soon:

* Nuriootpa (St Petri) Saturday June 22, 4 pm

To be confirmed:
Bordertown July 28,
Everton Park (Qld) August 17,
Canberra August 24 

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events