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All Together Again

A collection of community songs. Published by Openbook Publishers (then Lutheran Publishing House) for the Board for Congregational Life of the Lutheran Church of Australia in 1984.

Songlist: Robin Mann songs
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Anna's Song (Lift this child) Lyrics  
When our life began again Lyrics  
They knew who he was Lyrics  
Resurrection Shout Lyrics  
Love is the law Lyrics  
Until you open my eyes Lyrics  
The way is low Lyrics  
Keepin my eyes on you Lyrics  
May the feet of God walk with you Lyrics MP3
May we be one Lyrics MP3
Love one another Lyrics  
Reaching Out Lyrics  

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105 Spirit of God
106 Inspire my lips
107 Jubilate Deo
108 Doxology
109 God gives
110 Kyrie, Good God
111 Thank You
112 From heaven the Lord looks down
113 Seek and you shall find
114 The promised land
115 Father in heaven
116 Come, let us praise the Lord
117 By the rivers of Babylon
118 The baptism song
119 Come and praise him, royal priesthood
120 One God
121 Babylon
122 Come and sing
123 Morning has broken
124 Kumbayah
125 Celebration song
126 The light of Christ
127 Because he lives
128 I am the light of the world
129 Everyone
130 I am covered over
131 Amazing grace
132 Anna's song
133 Jesus set us free
134 Christmas in the scrub
135 Bitter was the night
136 John 10:10
137 I heard the voice of Jesus say

138 The wedding banquet
139 Christ humbled himself
140 The building block
141 Mary's child
142 O Mary, don't you weep
143 Jesus, dying on the cross
144 No longer strangers
145 Wondrous love
146 They knew who he was
147 When our life began again
148 Born for resurrection
149 I've got something
150 Sing a new song
151 Thank you, Father
152 Psalm 89
153 The steadfast love
154 Joy is the flag
155 We believe
156 He set us free
157 Jesus, name above all names
158 Come, sing our praises loud
159 Benedictus
160 Resurrection shout
161 Majesty
162 King of kings and Lord of lords
163 Hymn of glory
164 O give thanks to the Lord
165 He is the King of kings
166 Clap your hands
167 I am the bread of life
168 Hear our prayer
169 All to the glory of God
170 Communion song

171 Dying you destroyed our death
172 May we be one
173 O Lamb of God
174 Bind us together
175 The greatest commandment
176 Take, eat, this is my body
177 Love one another
178 Until you open my eyes
179 Come, let us eat
180 A time for building bridges
181 Faith, hope and love
182 Christ is changing everything
183 Look beyond
184 Love is the law
185 Jesus, son of God and man
186 Give it all
187 Help us, Lord
188 Reaching out
189 Thank you for life
190 The way is low
191 The servant song
192 Spirit of peace
193 Benediction
194 A Christmas blessing
195 Shalom
196 The trees of the field
197 When I needed a neighbour
198 What we've got
199 I know where I'm going
200 One more step
201 Wade in the water
202 Move when the Spirit say move
203 Keepin my eyes on you
204 We'll dance for the Lord
205 What you hear in the dark



ALWS 5/10/23

To say I've been inactive on my website is a serious understatement! I've written nothing here since early 2021. 

So, does this mean the world has stopped for us, that nothing is happening?
A major event for us in 2022 was moving house in October. We had been in Modbury Heights since July 1993.Now we're back in Klemzig.

In May we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.
Since then we have visited Box Hill & Loxton with Jonathan & Julie Krause as part of the Asante presentations, promoting the cause of ALWS. Still to come this year are Asante events in Toowoomba & Rochedale (Nov 26 & 27) and Perth (Dec 10)

Looking forward to seeing many people on these occasions.