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All Together OK

A collection of community songs. Published by Openbook Publishers for the Board for Congregational Life of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Songlist: Robin Mann songs
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311.    Be still and know

312.    Celebrate                    

313.    Christ be our light

314.    Come to us

315.    Drawn to the light

316.    From the air... the light

317.    Glory, glory, glory

318.    Glory to God

319.    Halle, halle, halle

320.    I was... borning cry

321.    Lord draw near           

322.    Lord where have we  left you  

323.    May the words... mouth              

324.    Saints of all time          

325.    Sing to God with joy

326.    Shout for joy

327.    Sorry           

328.    Tell the city

329.    This kingdom

330.    These good gifts         

331.    Turn to me... your heart

332.    We are sorry

333.    You are our God       

334.    Wa wa wa emimimo

335.    And.we stood right there

336.    Faith is        

337.    The grass withers

338.    God in human shoes

339.    In you O Lord... refuge            

340.    Jesus was a servant

341.    If you're black... white

342.    Jacob struggl... blessing

343.    Jesus come... among us             

344.    The new road            

345.    Nothing but the blood

346.    Jesus is alive today

347.    O dearest Jesus        

348.    Sing hey... the carpenter             

349.    There is a redeemer

350.    Stepping stones... rock

351.    You are invited            

352.    Your love... following

353.    Fill us Lord  

354.    Change my heart O God          

355.    Freedom is coming

356.    Give glory  

357.    Give us hearts to know...

358.    Gift to the world       

359.    Holy Spirit...Water

360.    Help us        

361.    Here we are

362.    I believe I do              

363.    Jesus is greater        

364.    In you is gladness

365.    Lord of all

366.    Mighty God

367.    My heart is fixed on you              

368.    Shelter       

369.    Shout to the Lord

370.    You are glorious       

371.    Singing Glory               

372.    Teach me your way

373.    Bound by love          

374.    Always remember me

375.    Come and hear my cry

376.    Faith, hope and love

377.    Heal me      

378.    Given and shed for you               

379.    Kyrie eleison (Ghana)

380.    Holy holy (Iona)           

381.    Holy, holy, holy (San...)

382.    I am the vine

383.    Icon of grace               

384.    If we will trust in God...

385.    If there was ever a time              

386.    Jesus and me

387.    Jesus remember me

388.    One body

389.    Light of the nations

390.    Put on love

391.    The most important two

392.    Kyrie eleison (Russia)

393.    Real food, real drink

394.    Search me O God

395.    Stay with me

396.    We come to you Father              

397.    These I lay down

398.    A child of God              

399.    Holding out your hand

400.    Deep Peace

401.    Follow me  

402.    God has chosen me

403.    God of Abraham         

404.    Let nothing trouble you          

405.    Lord of all hopefulness

406.    Peace          

407.    The and holy

408.    May... bless you today             

409.    We are marching... God

410.    Peace be with you

411.    On eagle’s wings      

412.    Sent by the Lord am I

413.    The summons

414.    Take this moment

415.    Traveller's Prayer

        416.         We will rise up



ALWS 29/5/24

In May 2023 we travelled to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, seeing work supported by Australian Lutheran World Service. Dorothy and I are Ambassadors for the ALWS programme, Lives You Touch. We are encouraging people to leave money in their will for the work of ALWS. We committed to leave a third of our will many years ago and hope many others can touch lives in this way.

Last year we visited churches in SA, Vic, Qld and WA with Jonathan & Julie Krause promoting the cause of ALWS.

Coming up soon:

* Nuriootpa (St Petri) Saturday June 22, 4 pm

To be confirmed:
Bordertown July 28,
Everton Park (Qld) August 17,
Canberra August 24 

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events